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E-commerce, namely the marketing of products and services over the Internet, has achieved incredible growth in the COVID-19 pandemic which gravely influenced the whole world. Economists now predict that consumers’ consumption habits will never return to the way they were before the pandemic. One of the first of the two data supporting this was that in March 2020 alone global retail websites reached 14.3 billion clicks and other is the fact that 29% of consumers in the United States stated in a market research that they would no longer go shopping in person as they did before.

Now, thanks to Hermes Digitals’ e-commerce services, you can get the share you deserve from this growing market. With Hermes Digitals e-commerce partner WooCommerce, you can easily go online your products and services, configure payment methods you want to use: debit and credit cards, wire transfer, digital payment methods such as PayPal or GooglePay, or payment at the door. Automatic calculation of tax amounts, getting instant shipping cost prices from leading shipping companies, and easily printing dispatch or address labels are just a few things that will save you time which you can use to expand your business instead.

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