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Google Ads is a Google service that advertises the products and services offered on the internet, working integrated with all Google services such as Google Search or Google Maps.

At Hermes Digitals, we primarily set specific keywords for your products and services for
an accurately planned Google Ads strategy. In this way, we establish the most widely searched words and word groups in your line of business allowing you to reach a wider audience. After keywords are identified, we send
you samples from which advertorial texts are formed to captivate your audience. Then, we add negative keywords to prevent unnecessary ad clicks which would otherwise result in unnecessary cost, and lastly, we identify your target group (age,  gender, occupation, etc.) that you want your ad to reach, so that your ad reaches the right address efficiently.

Using Hermes Digitals services, you can reach internet users all around the world efficiently and effectively through Google Ads.
can show your presence to potential customers while they are searching for information, watching videos, or editing their documents using Google services.