Be a trending brand with Hermes Digitals Twitter Ads Service… 


You can multiply your brand’s visibiility with putting ads on Twitter’s feed which is being visited by 340 million users everyday. 42% of all Twitter users are online every other day and Twitter has the most millennials amoung social media platforms.

While Twitter users are more selective about the ads they’d like to see on Twitter, 93% of Twitter users are more willing to see ads when presented in a suitable manner and 26% of Twitter users are watching ads for longer than the users of other social media platforms.

So, what to make from all of these?

Twitter users makes up a profile of higher-earning and consuming users who are careful about the ads they would like to see. So, a meticulously-planned ad campaign allows a higher ad return from Twitter. Hermes Digitals is there for you right at this moment! Powerful ad text, original graphic design and  an expert technical team is at your service for guaranteeing maximum sales and visibility return from your ad budget…